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A Challenging Time of My Life

Some of you may be wondering, why haven't I posted in awhile? After 6 weeks in Mammoth, I went to Cuba for a missions trip with students at my school. While in Cuba, I picked up some sort of foot infection that destroyed me. My feet and ankles became so swollen that it hurt to stand or walk. When I returned to California, the swelling went away but my entire body felt very fatigued, loss of energy, sore, and very tired. I assumed it was due to the heat being in the 100s. But, when I would step outside for a run, my heart instantly pounded, I felt like I just couldn't get any oxygen to my leg muscles, and my whole body felt as if I just ran a marathon. Thinking I was just out of shape, I pushed my body to complete the workouts, but my body didn't recover the next day even after slow runs. This made me very frustrated and sad, as if I lost my superpowers and I wasn't myself anymore. Eventually, I saw a doctor and was told that I had iron-deficiency anemia. I began packin…

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