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Sendai International Half Marathon 05/12/2019 Recap

The 6-day trip to Japan for the Sendai International Half Marathon was THE MOST amazing experience. But, that wasn't the only big event/change in my life this month.
The month of May in a nutshell... - Graduation from LLU School of Pharmacy
- Moving into a new home
- Being accepted into the Rabbit Elite racing team - Representing Riverside at the race in Japan
I am excited for change and the new challenges and responsibilities that come along with it. Prayers have been answered and life unfolding as I transition into this next stage of my life where I will be graduating with my pharmacy degree after 9 years of college. I am studying for the pharmacist licensure exam (NAPLEX) and I plan on taking the exam by the end of summer. I am excited to soon make training my number one priority for once in my life!

There will be live online streaming of the pharmacy graduation on May 26th at 1:30 pm at:

New Home
The true blessing in all of this change is being wel…

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